Thanks for the outstanding communication and professionalism! You and your team have done a great job at communicating and keeping the site clean. Look forward to the issues getting solved soon and your return to finish the job.


Victor L. Gonzalez – CMF Operations Supervisor, Regional Navy Mail Center

“Well-executed project, with a very satisfied customer. I look forward to doing additional business with TST!”

LT Robert Syre, PE , Construction Manager, NSN, NAVFAC Midlant

“If all contractors were as cooperative and proactive as Turner, DOD efficiencies would increase drastically.”

Benjamin Wells, Contracting Officer, 633rd CONS/LGCZ, US Air Force

“TST did an outstanding job on this project. They worked hard on a very tight schedule and did quality work.”

James Partamian, Construction Manager, NSN, NAVFAC Midlant

“TST has been an excellent small business to work with. Their quality of work, management involvement, safety program, and flexibility allowed for a smooth job despite multiple unforeseen conditions.”

Matt Cook, Construction Manager, NSN, NAVFAC Midlant

“This highly complex renovation went extremely well, in no small part due to TST’s outstanding project management and high quality work. I highly recommend this contractor for future government work.”

LT Robert Syre, PE , Construction Manager, NSN, NAVFAC Midlant

Great job on this project. The contractor really delivered ahead of the deadline. Appreciated.


CDR Marcel Forte, NAVFAC MIDLANT, PWD Oceana

“Despite the challenges of working in the secure area on and around our pier, TST’s management of this project was excellent. The project was completed on budget and significantly ahead of schedule”

Andrew Young, PE, Construction Manager, NWSY, NAVFAC Midlant

“TST team was exceptional in QC; and required very little QA. TST went the extra mile in running electrical lines with terrible existing conditions in a confined crawl space. Issues with drawings were typically handled in the field, and change orders were very reasonable. One of our top KTRs!”

Dylan Bush, Construction Manager, NAVFAC Midlant

“TST provided an outstanding overall performance on this project. The contractor was energetic and easy to work with. The contractor overcame difficult site conditions and worked within the strict environmental restrictions that are present at NW Annex.”

LT Dylan Bush, Construction Manager, NSN, NAVFAC Midlant

“I have been VERY pleased with the work that TST has provided on both of the recent projects at Naval Station Norfolk. The projects have reflected well on your company… each time I think of TST it puts a smile on my face.”

Kathy King, Director, DLA

“I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to your crews for doing a great job thus far and taking the time to ensure that their jobs sites are well maintained throughout the day while working, and especially after hours when operations have concluded for the day. Your crews have done such a great job with their daily clean up I had to go to one of the sites and take a picture that I was so impressed. It gives me a great feeling to see that there are still individuals that take pride and ownership of their work and job sites.”

Alex Ramirez, Construction Safety Manager, VA Medical Center, Dept of Veterans Affairs

“Mike Spencer [TST Superintendent] was really helpful throughout the process and did a great job of keeping us informed of what was going on and keeping the jobsite safe, secure, and clean.”

Chuck Robinson, Navy Munitions Command, Conus East Division

“TST is very sensitive to the needs and requirements of these senior military personnel understanding the need to accomplish the work correctly and on-time the first time”

Mark Airaghi, PE, Construction Director, NSN, NAVFAC Midlant

I want to thank you and your crew for the outstanding work you have provided. We really appreciate the work you have done as well as your constant communication with our team.

Jeff Gibbs – Regional Director, Navy Mail Center

“TST Construction had a very good site staff and a quality subcontractor. This was a high priority for Oceana’s Public Works Department. This project ran smoothly with no problems. All the coordination with PWD for the high voltage electrical outages was performed without any problems. The quality of work was excellent and all safety precautions were observed and executed.”

H. Lee Jennings, PE , Construction Manager, NAS Oceana, NAVFAC Midlant

“The contractor’s team was responsive and cooperative in working to make this project a success for the occupying client”

John Brown, Engineering Technician, Fort Lee, USACE

“TST’s team encountered several problems in execution, but in each case, brought the Government the solutions along with the issue. This is the behavior the Government looks for in its contracting partners”

Andrew Young, PE, Construction Manager, NWSY, NAVFAC Midlant