It is TST’s policy to provide all of our employees and subcontractors, suppliers and vendors with the safest work environment possible. In pursuit of this safety commitment we have set a goal for ourselves of zero job related incidents or injuries on all project sites. We measure our safety success through employee involvement, statistical data, project inspections and award recognition.

At TST, no project is so important to us that we cannot take time to ensure safe working conditions. We believe that all accidents and occupational illnesses are preventable and must be prevented on each project. Prevention of injury and illness, to us, are goals well-worth achieving. TST’s safety program works because safety goals, expectations and requirements are communicated clearly company-wide. Promotion of safety and health is an essential part of the core duties of all our supervisors. Commitment from management is communicated to employees, subcontractors, etc. by safety and health orientations, safety meetings, planning, control and any and all processes necessary to render a safe working environment.